Toga Toga



I actually wore a sheet as a toga to a Halloween Party one time.  But the sheet I used was a solid blue, if I had used a jazzier sheet, like this one, it might have been the party crashing costume in reality that it had been in my head.  But I doubt I’ll be trying it again.

And I also don’t intend to wear this sheet as a toga.  I found it at Goodwill for a couple of dollars and I just loved the pattern.


I understand that they are little trees, but I can’t figure out the colors.  Green makes sense, maybe even red, but blue, and orange?  Really?  Regardless I absolutely love them, but I mean what was this sheet made for?  A 1950s Christmas?   Or maybe they’re not trees at all, maybe they’re actually popsicles.  Who knows, or cares.  Either way, this sheet was definitely made for the 50s and to the 50s it shall return…as a dress.

But first things first, since it is a sheet, it has all these pesky seems that are going to get in my way.  Before I can make my pretty new dress, I’m going to have to rip them out.


This also gets me a good three more inches on each side and around 8 at the top.  Once I rip out all the seams, this sheet is effectively fabric.  Fabric which I can cut a pattern out of, a pattern such as this one.


I really like Butterick patterns, the instructions are pretty easy to follow and I don’t normally have to alter them too much to fit.  This particular dress was really easy to make.  It only has 5 pieces and it took me about 3-4 hours to make it.  Not that long really, especially considering it took me an hour to cut out all the pieces.

And once it was done, drumroll, Ta-da



All dressed up and only to a Laundromat to go.


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  1. Beautiful. My two daughters are very into vintage clothing and I have a few patterns arriving this week for them to try (with my help of course). I love using old sheets or cheap duvet covers for sewing other things because you get so much fabric for sometimes little cost. Great work; keep it up. Kind regards. Michele

    • Woot! I’m so happy you like it, since I’ve only been taking before and after photos of my refahions since I started blogging, it will most likely be one of my tryout entries.
      Very nice to meet you as well Beth

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