Unfortunately Extended Trip


Over the long weekend I went on a vacation to the Smokey Mountains with a group of 16 friends.  On our last day of the trip, my car broke down and I was stuck in Pigeon Forge for 2 additional days waiting for it to be repaired.  Where we were stayed did not have a strong internet connection, and thus I was unable to post.

I am sorry for the interruption in my regular posting schedule.  I am intending to be back on schedule next Monday.


About Megan

I've been a dedicated student and home ed geek my entire life. I'm currently a graduate student in biochemistry but I'll be out of school for the first time since kindergarten in a few months. With the sudden realization that I will have this magical thing called free time, I've decided to dedicate more of my time to my other loves in life, mainly sewing and cooking, and maybe I'll find some new ones too!

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